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Our House

Beilstein lays on one of the most beautiful of the picturesque Moselle river curves, nestling between wine-slopes and woodlands ‘The Sleeping Beauty of the Moselle’. This beautiful town, with its cosy, homely, half-timbered houses and quaint and winding alleyways has often been used as backdrops in feature films. Many of the buildings are now wholly ‘listed’. The monastery-steps, where we are located, have particularly attracted the eye of the film director.

In the film "Wenn wir alle Engel wären" (If we were all angels), Heinz Rühmann resided at the Winzerschenke guest house, Willi Millowitsch strode up and down the monastery steps numerous times as „Der wahre Jakob“ (The True Jacob). In 1998 the BBC filmed part of the historical production, “Vanity Fair” in Beilstein.

We hope we are able to provide you herewith an overview of our guest-house and wine growing business, whilst wishing you a pleasant stay on one of the most beautiful slopes on the Moselle.

The Sausen Family

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