You will find our Winzerschenke guest house situated right at the heart of this historical Moselle town. Originally, the guest-house consisted of three buildings, which Bernd Sausen lovingly re-developed into one, whilst retaining the individuality of each.

In the first house, positioned central to the steps, there are five invitingly furnished, comfortable rooms offering a delightfully romantic stay in Beilstein. After rest, relaxation and a peaceful night, a substantial breakfast awaits to resuscitate you and prepare you for the day ahead.

Immediately adjacent stands the Winzerschenke. In the quaint and charmingly rustic lounge, as on the vine-swathed walls and patio which is overhung with steeping tendrils, but with leaf and fruit serving to shade their visitors, you can observe and sense the ‘flair’ emanating from our beautiful town, Beilstein. Add a fine, cool glass of home-produced Moselle wine, then a home-made Winzerschenke speciality, in the form of a delicious meal to fortify your person.

There is something here to suit all tastes. In particular there are the potato-bacon-salads personally prepared by Marie Luise Sausen that are consumed warm, accompanied with a select side-dish of which there are many diverse choices. Many customers have shown and confirmed their approval.