Wine Tasting Parlour

Wine sales take place in what was once a stately-home outbuilding, adjacent to the main guest-house. Surrounded by historical wine-grower’s tools and utensils you may savour every wine on offer (all of course of the Winzerschenke brand ) under the expert advisory auspices of Christian Sausen.

Beneath the Wine Tasting Parlour there is an historical vault (anno 1726), wherein ‘Christian Sausen’, having given prior notice, presents a particularly quaint wine-tasting circumstance. Surrounded by old oak barrels one obtains a small insight into the Sausen family wines. The presentation is given in a unique, candle-lit atmosphere, garnished with all manner of trivia. Please note that we are pleased to arrange such according to your wishes, please speak to us?

Wine Tasting Parlour      Variety of Wine